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Norman Littell
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Norman grew up playing a variety of representative sports, including rugby, swimming and cricket. From this Norman quickly discovered a passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness where he soon commenced an intensive training an nutrition program that was designed to achieve a goal of building size and strength – to ultimately compliment his sport training.

After observing the substantial changes to his strength, fitness and overall appearance, Norman quickly became hooked into a lifestyle that had quickly improved every aspect of his life.

Hung Oldham
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Hung has held a passion for sports and physical activity from a young age. Starting with soccer at a representative level, it was clear that Hung’s future would always be grounded within the health and fitness industry.

With a Degree in Sports Science and with substantial hands on experience, Hung has gained and applied his knowledge to build a strong suite of tools to help his clients achieve their goals. His programs are thorough and always evolving; his knowledge in dietary support is extensive and in tune with current trends.


Member Stories

I have now been attending the gym for the last two months I wanted to write in and say how much I appreciate the quality of the facilities and the professionalism of the staff who work at the gym. It's a pleasure to use the gym - there is a great atmosphere and the time flies!

Fairview Sports Centre
Levi Foster

I couldn't recommend Erik more highly as a personal training instructor. Since I started personal training in August 2017, with the goal of building up strength and getting back into a regular gym routine, Erik has created fun, motivational and effective programmes for both personal training sessions and training alone. I have achieved my goal of building a gym routine around a busy London lifestyle that keeps me toned, fit, and happy.

Fairview Sports Centre
Spencer Maria

Through our personal training sessions I have been introduced to a wide variety of exciting but challenging exercises that are tailored to my specific requirements and goals. Jen is very skilled at continually re-assessing the skill level I am at and translating this into my weekly programme, which means she is always ready with a more difficult variation of any exercise for me to try! The effectiveness and enthusiasm in Jen’s approach has meant that I have already recommended Jen as a personal trainer to many of my friends and will continue to do so.

Fairview Sports Centre
Kayden Terence

I enjoyed my personal training sessions with Elbert - she motivated me to do more. When I first started the sessions I had backache from sitting down all day. The exercises she gave me to do, improved my back muscles and now it does not ache. Thank you for getting me active again.

Fairview Sports Centre
Eldon Rickey

Training with Norman is enjoyable and worthwhile. His sessions are carefully planned and he really cares about your progress. He knows more anatomy than me and I'm a doctor.

Fairview Sports Centre
Headley Terance


Situated conveniently at the WestOcean shopping center; Starr offers a world class facility coupled with experienced and fully accredited training staff.

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